OpenHatch MainNet Launch


Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Virgo is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is run solely on immutable smart contracts.


The DAO distributes 33.99% of its total transaction volume to M87 token & NFT stakeholders per cycle.


Fees collected from Messier’s applications fund the treasury with ETH, which has a maximum capacity of 87 tokens. Any amount exceeding its capacity will perform a buy & burn on M87.


Anonymous Transactions

Horizon is an all-encompassing zk-SNARK based application that provides its users with transactional privacy on a multitude of networks and uses innovative solutions to ensure it surpasses international regulatory standards. Users are able to send & receive crypto anonymously in variable denominations, rendering a safe means of transacting for businesses and consumers alike.


Decentralized Escrow

Open Hatch is a decentralized application that helps mediate P2P and B2B transactions in such a way that they can be performed safely and securely on the blockchain. It does this by holding a buyer’s funds in an immutable pool, where they are securely held until a seller fulfills their agreed upon arrangement.


Messier Applications

Messier’s applications further the public adoption of decentralized finance by developing a wide range of products & services that provide consumers & businesses with the tools necessary to replace fiat currencies with crypto. All user fees collected by Messier’s applications are sent to the treasury of our DAO.

110 NFTS

Messier Objects

The Messier Objects is a unique collection of 110 NFTs that can be obtained through a one-time auction using M87 tokens to bid on them. Any tokens used to win an auction will be staked, wrapped into an immutable smart contract, and bound to the NFT permanently. Any holder of a Messier Objects NFT will receive higher yield than M87 token stakeholders.



M87 is the Messier governance token that investors are able to trade in the open market or stake in the upcoming Virgo DAO to earn passive income.



3% Buy / 4% Sell

100% is locked for 87 years.

33.33% of the fees (1%) is being used to add liquidity to the locked M87/WETH pool.

66.67% of the fees (2%) is being used to fund all expenses related to team building, marketing, listings and the development of products & services.

Fully renounced with no backdoors and cannot be reconfigured to scam.